Disabled woman without arms has been making masks using a sewing machine with her feet

The coronavirus pandemic may well have exampled some disappointing behavior – see people flouting social distancing measures and spreading misinformation for a start – but it’s certainly given us a lot of heroes too.

Nurses, doctors, truckers, farmers, police, firefighters, store clerks … the list of people we’ll need to thank when this is all over is long indeed.

And yet here are plenty of unsung heroes doing their part currently as well, those who might not get a shout out or round of applause, well, because people don’t know who they are.

Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari was born without arms. The 32-year-old has lived her whole life adapting to the world around her, but she’s never left herself be defined by disability.

With the world currently locked in the grips of COVID-19, she’s started sewing masks for others to wear … with her feet.

Yep, you read that right. Based in Selangor, Malaysia, Norfarrah is making the masks so that hospital staff have the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) they need.

If you’re up on your news you’ll be well aware that there’s a shortage of PPE, so gestures like the one this inspiring woman is making are nothing short of wonderful.

“I have learned how to use the sewing machine around eight years ago as I need customized clothes for my body,” Norfarrah said, according to Newsflare.

“It was hard at first but after a lot of hard work and patience I finally could use it swiftly.”

Wow, what a wonderful idea – I’m sure the healthcare workers benefitting from Norfarrah’s work certainly appreciate it.

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