Drivers honk and speed past car parked at stop sign – teen runs up and stops cold when he looks inside

Let’s be honest — teens often get a bad rap. We often dismiss them as moody, angry and boisterous little adults.

But teenage years are also a fundamental developmental phase where children becoming adults learn to make important moral decisions, all on their own.

16-year-old Max Greenwood is certainly headed in the right direction.


Max was out driving his truck one day when he came across an unusual situation: a car was parked at a stop sign. It wasn’t moving, yet the teen could see someone was at the wheel.

Facebook/Mary Ann Pudelko

Other motorists simply swerved around the car, honking in frustration. But Max had a different reaction. He knew he had to check on the driver. He jumped out of his truck and rushed to the parked car.

Max’s instincts were spot on. Behind the wheel sat a man in distress — his blood sugar had dropped suddenly and her was in immediate need of medical attention.

Facebook/Mary Ann Pudelko

A couple of women had also approached the parked car and together they asked if he was alright. The man managed to explain his condition and one of the women handed him a soft drink she had on hand.

Meanwhile, Max quickly dialled 911. The man’s condition was gradually getting worse and the sugar they’d administered to him was unfortunately not helping.

The ambulance was soon on scene and the man was promptly taken to hospital. Mary Pudelko, Max’s mom, said she is proud of her son. Clearly, not all teens are selfish, wild individuals with no consideration for others.

Facebook/Mary Ann Pudelko

Max’s simple act of compassion may very well have saved this man’s life. While many adults just continued on their way, impatiently honking at the car, this young man had the patience and humanity to stop and check to see if the driver was alright.

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