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Entire delivery room went silent when she was born – now Marián is a successful supermodel

Marián Avila from Spain is no ordinary model. The day she was born, the whole delivery room went silent. Just one nurse cried: “What a cute baby!”

You see, Marián was diagnosed with down syndrome at birth. Her mother, decided there and then on one thing: she would never treat her daughter like she was any different from other people.

It must have paid off. Because today, 22-year-old Marián is living her dream as a model for a number of major brands in Spain.

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 Marián knew exactly what she wanted to be even as a little girl. When people would ask her she would always answer the same thing: “My dream is to become a model and be able to walk the catwalk in New York.”

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As she grew older, Marián showed that her disability was no obstacle to reaching her dreams. 

With the help of her supportive and loving family, Marián was raised to believe that her disability would never become an obstacle to her goals in life.

Her parents have done everything they could so that their daughter can aspire her dream.

Down syndrome means you have an extra chromosome — it shouldn’t mean you can’t try shooting for the stars.

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The world is now witnessing the result of getting unconditional love and support.

At the age of 22, she has signed a contract that makes her the face of a number of brands.

Her upcoming contracts will earn Marian an impressive $ 20 million, according to Perfecto Guru.

Wow. Talk about succesful.

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She has recently been a part of the campaign for El Corte Inglés, Spain’s biggest department store. Here’s what she told Portalento about the experience: 

“I really enjoyed the experience, I would like to do more ads. I am very happy to have participated in this campaign. It was very interesting to be able to work in a group and dance with all my colleagues. I enjoyed it all. The makeup, hairdressers, the cameras, stylists and music.”

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Marián proves that with love and support from our families, and belief in ourselves we can achieve anything we want.

She is a beautiful young woman who is taking life by its horns. Good for her!

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