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Everyone is excited when this couple become parents – but you’ll never guess what makes them so unique

A very special family from Ecuador has recently been making headlines. Indeed, Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez are no ordinary parents.

The two had a child together, but here’s what makes them so unique: Fernando is the biological mother and Diane Rodriguez, the biological father. Fernando and Diane are transgender.

“We are the same as other families. Even though we might not have the same rights, we are the same,” Fernando told BBC.

Before becoming parents at the end of last year, Fernando and Diane were already important role models for transgender people throughout the world. With the birth of their first child, the pair have become even bigger role models: they are the first transgender couple in South America to become parents, writes Independent.

At birth, Fernando was identified as a woman, and Diane as a man. But none of them felt comfortable in their assigned gender roles. They dared to break away from society’s norms and be themselves. Fernando identifies himself today as a woman, and Diane as a man. They never felt the need to undergo any sex change operations as they were both comfortable with their bodies – despite these being of the opposite gender that they felt they were.

Today they are happier than ever – and are already dreaming of having even more children.

Daring to break away from others’ judgments and truly being yourself – now that’s courage! I wish this unconventional family the best of luck! Please consider sharing their story to pay homage to the fact that love conquers all.

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