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Everyone Is Silent When 60-Year-Old Takes The Dance Floor. 45 Seconds Later, I’m In Awe.

Shirley Clements is a 60-year-old with energy and passion to spare. And it’s easy to see when you watch this video.

Shirley worked as a dance teacher in Canada. But back in 2014, she announced that she was going to retire, so wanted to say goodbye to her her students in the biggest way possible.

She starts with a short rap about how much she’ll miss all students. Then 45 seconds later, she’s joined by her students for a super-upbeat dance routine set to Bruno Mars’ hit “Uptown Funk.” Even though Shirley is about 45 years older than the other dancers, she has more energy than any of them. It’s hard to believe that this woman would ever retire. Wow!

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