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80-year-old woman stuns strangers and the internet by her surprising performance on a street piano

Music is a powerful healer for both physical and emotional pain. A single song or performance can change our entire ...

Pink invites Vietnam vet onto stage, only for audience to learn who he really is

It’s difficult not to be impressed by Pink. The singer is not only a household name, having sold millions of ...

Stranger interrupts young girl on piano with stunt that forces crowd to rush in

Video footage shows a young girl playing contently on a public piano, before a man approaches and seemingly tries to ...

Audience is nervous as "Oh Holy Night" begins to play: But just listen when the little girl opens her mouth

Please share little Claire’s beautiful performance to spread Christmas joy with all your friends!

Just 6 weeks before passing away, Elvis gave performance of his lifetime singing ‘Unchained Melody’

In this previously little-known video, Elvis sings favorite classic “Unchained Melody” with such intensity that many consider this final show ...

18 sailors step on stage - then the guy in the middle blows away millions

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