Exhausted mom secretly photographed at airport, a detail in the photo is causing thousands to rage

Exhausted mom is mocked on Facebook, strikes back at bullies and reveals the truth behind her image

Many parents know how difficult it is to care for several children at home.

Molly Lensing from Illinois, USA, certainly does.

Last year she was traveling with her two month old baby, Anastasia, when their flight was delayed.

It was chaos at the airport, and they were rebooked on new flights several times. Despite this, 20 hours later, they were yet to be on a plane.


There was no place to rest, and Molly had to sit on an uncomfortable chair in the departure hall and wait.

She had no idea when they would be getting on a flight.

In addition to being exhausted and frustrated, she had to make sure her daughter was cared for and had everything she needed.

She eventually laid her daughter down on a blanket on the floor next to her feet — but she would soon regret it.

Another traveler quietly photographed Molly and her daughter and published the image on her Facebook page with the caption:

“Albert Einstein said, ‘I fear the day that technology will take on our humanity … the world will be populated by a generation of idiots.'”

Facebook/MollyLensingThe image spread like wildfire online, shared over 65,000 times by strangers criticizing Molly for laying her daughter on the ground — while looking at her cell phone.

The photo eventually reached Molly. She was hurt and bewildered, and feared she could lose her job as a child nurse.

Meanwhile, the bullying and harassment by complete strangers didn’t stop.

The truth emerges

She finally decided to speak out in an interview with Today, and described the truth behind the picture.

Indeed, while a picture could indeed be worth 1,000 words, it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story.

At the time the picture was taken, Molly and her daughter had been waiting for over 20 hours.

Molly was exhausted and needed to rest her arms and get in touch with the rest of the family who were worried and wondering when they were coming home.


She therefore laid down her daughter on a blanket at her feet while writing to her husband.

Her daughter, she said, was content on the floor and felt good to get a little independence from mom for a while.

Fortunately, Molly did not lose her job following the online scandal.

Upon hearing her full story many showed support for the mom.



I think this story really puts into perspective what a single ‘innocent’ image online can do. Most importantly, it reminds us not to judge, as what we see is not always what we think we’re seeing!

Please consider sharing Molly’s story with your friends on Facebook to help remind people to never judge others!

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