Faked cancer to get money from charity – now the disgraced sports star has pleaded guilty
Fake cancer

Faked cancer to get money from charity – now the disgraced sports star has pleaded guilty

Almost $75,000 a year — that’s how much a woman was being paid paid by a charity after being diagnosed with cancer.

The only problem was that she actually didn’t have cancer — she was faking it all so she could get receive the money.

In 2014, Kate Hubble, a famous former hockey player in Australia, started working at Redkite, an Australian charity organization that financially helps children and young people who are suffering from cancer.

After working for the company for a year, the woman told her colleagues that she was diagnosed with the disease herself. At the end of the year, she asked to be moved from the office in Perth to Sydney, as it would be easier for her to deal with her sickness in Sydney.

Her new colleagues however, noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

Not long after Kate started working at the Sydney office, her new colleagues started becoming suspicious. Being a cancer charity, the staff working for the organization were pretty informed about the disease and noticed that Kate wasn’t showing any symptoms. She did however, begin to stay at home from work more often while demanding benefits.

In order to receive financial benefits, Kate was helped by a doctor’s forged certificates and fraudulent letters to prove she was in fact sick with cancer. In a long and elaborate web of lies and acting, Kate did things such as send several texts to her colleagues claiming she had surgery to attend. She would also send text messages from another phone number, posing to be a friend sending texts on her behalf because she was too sick or in the operation room, The Daily Mail reports.

“I’ve run out of options,” she said in one of the texts. “I might get six months.”


Cover was blown

Kate’s suspicious behavior and constant eagerness for more money lead the colleagues to ask for an investigation. It wasn’t long before it was revealed that Kate didn’t have cancer at all and had fooled the charity in granting her almost $75,000.

“To pretend you have a cancer while working in a cancer charity, is completely unfathomable,” a source connected to Redkit told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sports star Kate Hubble has since been fired and pleaded guilty to four different charges of fraud.

What a horrible thing to do. Everyone should watch out for fraudsters and con artists who are out to take advantage of people. Share to spread the warning.

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