Family adopts two children and their house gets vandalized – the reason why horrifies them

When children are given up by their parents, it’s a good thing that there are people out there who are willing to adopt and give children a bright and happy future. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. The sad reality is that some people are afraid of what they don’t understand and behave badly as a result. This is exactly what a family in Illinois, USA, was singled out for.

After the Hollis family adopted two girls with Downs syndrome, their whole house was vandalized one night. Soon after, the two young Hollis brothers did something that made thousands react.




Anne Hollis and her husband already had two biological sons when they decided to help two orphaned girls with Down syndrome. Anne and her husband adopted the girls and gave them a new home in Illinois, US, where they played with their brothers.


But not everybody was overjoyed with the new arrivals in the neighborhood. To the Hollis family’s horror, they woke up one day to find that their house had been completely covered with spray paint. Every wall was covered with abusive words such as “retard” and other insults suggesting that the two sisters should not have been brought to their home.

When the Hollis sons, then six and seven years old, saw this, they reacted in a bigger way than you might expect for two young children. They wanted to make a video to stand up for their sisters.

“They change the world”

The boys sat down and wrote cards that they held up in front of the camera, so the whole world could see them standing up for their sisters.

The cards read: “They change the world. They reduce ignorance, intolerance and hate and replace it with hope, love and respect.”

As the cards continue, the boys straighten out some stereotypes about people with Down syndrome. And they don’t fail to leave people moved.

This video of the boys standing up for their sisters and everyone else with Down syndrome has received over a million views on YouTube, and it isn’t hard to see why. Watch it below:

All too many people have misconceptions and a false view of people with Down syndrome due to ignorance. This video is so important for countering that. Please make sure you share this so you can also help to spread knowledge and love. 

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