Family captures monumental moment: 6 generations in one photo

It’s a picture that most families won’t ever be able to recreate – a photo with six living generations.

Gracie Howell, 58, was recently visiting family in Kentucky when she had the opportunity to capture a beautiful photo of the women in her family.

Their ages range from 7 weeks to 98 years old.

What a shot!

MaeDell Hawkins, 98, of Kings Mountain, KY had a very large family. She was just 16 years old when she married Gracie’s grandpa Bill, who was “50 and a widower with 10 children.”

“His first wife died while giving birth to conjoined twins at home (the babies did not survive either).”

The couple had 13 children of their own and worked hard to keep their children happy, fed, and loved.

“Grandma grew most of their food and canned it. Having been taught by her mother, she knew all the medicinal uses of the flowers and trees around her,” Gracie said. “Because NOTHING went to waste, she made quilts out of the rags to keep them warm in the winter under the snow that would blow in through the cracks in the walls.”

Simon Kadula / Shutterstock


As the years ticked by the family continued to expand.

MaeDell may have outlived two husbands, but she’s lived long enough to witness the birth of her second great-great-great-granddaughter, and soon a third will be born.

“We’re praying, as long as she’s healthy … and if it’s the Lord’s will, she’ll live to be a hundred or beyond!”

MaeDell will turn 99 years old on July 19, 2023.

While their family photo is impressive, according to Guinness World Records the most generations alive at one time is seven. It occurred in 1989 when the youngest great-great-great-great grandson of Augusta Bunge (USA), aged 109 years 97 days at the time, was born on January 21, 1989.

A beautiful picture to remember this moment forever! May God bless this family for many years to come.

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