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Family Turns Devastating Loss Of Daughter Into A Celebration Of Kindness.

As a parent, nothing could possibly compare to the passing of a child. Yet this couple managed to gradually turn that loss into something positive. And their example is inspiring thousands to carry out acts of kindness in their daughter’s name. One day, while Stephanie Waite was at home with her children, the unimaginable happened. Fourteen-month old Camille somehow managed to get out of her high chair, crawl into the backyard, and then get up in the spa, where she drowned. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain and loss that the family must have felt, but the Waite family have shown amazing resolve. Instead of mourning little Camille’s death year after year, her parents have chosen to celebrate her life. So each year on Camille’s birthday, the Waite family marks the anniversary by performing acts of kindness. Camille’s mom, Stephanie, told WFAA News, “Her birthday is one of those days I’m determined to celebrate and not mourn, because I got to have her in my life. It’s Cammi kindness week.” Stephanie shared photos on Facebook of her daughter just six days before she died and added a call to action: celebrate Camille’s life by doing something totally selfless for others. The idea spread rapidly and now it’s become a tradition. No matter how small the deed, every act helps. “It warms my heart and makes me feel like she had a purpose,” she said. “And she’s still fulfilling that purpose here.” Watch a video about the family’s kindness project below!

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