After fatal accident: Firemen fed up and blast water at onlookers disrespectfully filming

Today, people spend more time with their face in their mobile phone than they do paying attention to what’s happening around them. In some cases it has become socially acceptable to do that, but of course there are still times when the phone needs to be put down, especially around accidents..

After a fatal crash on a highway in Germany, many motorists stopped to film and photograph the aftermath of the accident. Judging by the nearby firemen’s actions, this must be a regular occurence, because this team lost their patience and did something that will guarantee that people think twice about doing this in the future.

Filming or photographing an accident where people are injured and even dead is both unethical and disrespectful for the victims and their families. It also makes it hard for emergency services to carry out their work when there are people running around filming. That’s why these firemen in Germany decided to put a stop to the “spectacle” once and for all, in a brilliant way.

With fire hose in hand, they turned to the people filming and blasted water at them to put a stop to their filming.

I think this is completely reasonable considering that they were trying hard to carry out their difficult job.

Since the incident was caught on film, it received huge media attention in Germany. You can watch the clip for yourself below:

What do you think about these firemen’s reaction to the onlookers who were filming and taking photographs at the scene of the accident?

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