Father gives daughter a motivational pep-talk in the mirror every morning

Father gives daughter a motivational pep-talk in the mirror every morning

They stand in front of the mirror as he feeds his adorable 3-year-old daughter words of positivity and encouragement. She repeats each one with total confidence.

This is a daily morning ritual for Ron and his daughter Aliya.

Morning motivational talks with positive affirmations can set a great tone for how your day unfolds. Learning this from an early age can be very beneficial in the esteem and confidence of a child. 

“Look at yourself – look in your eyes,” dad starts as she giggles with excitement.

“You gotta’ see it… You gotta’ feel it. You ready? You ready for school? Is it gonna’ be a good day? A really good day? You gonna’ be positive?”

At this, Aliya squeals in agreement.

“I am strong. I am smart. I work hard. I am beautiful. I am respectful…” Ron recites as Aliya proudly repeats after him.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ron Alston Jr.

Single father, Ron, explained: “It’s very important for me to share these messages with her because there will be many people that try to tear her down and make her feel less than what she is… She is taught that she is better than no one, but no one is better than her.”

When Aliya heads off to school in the morning, Ron goes to work as a personal trainer and wellness coach. Each day it is his job to encourage positivity, motivation, and inspiration in his clients, many of which are children.

And, it’s a habit he brings home every day as a father. Ron says that his dad had the same tradition with him as a child, which helped him grow into the positive and confident person he is today.

He hopes that he can pass on the same healthy self-image to his daughter.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ron Alston Jr.

Watch the powerful video below:

“I want her to remember that if she ever falls in life, she is to get back up and keep going. I want her to learn to accept all people and to never place herself above anyone, but to never allow someone to make her feel any less than the amazing young woman she is.”

I think all of us would benefit from this motivational morning pep talk. Share this story if you agree! 

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