Father is waiting impatiently to order – when the waiter turns around, the tears begin to pour down his cheeks

Having a husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, or any loved one in the military in a remote country is not easy. Not only do you miss them but you also worry about them. Often, they miss things like holidays or birthdays and you just wish more than anything that they were home. I can’t even imagine how these families feel.

Now imagine being reunited with a family member who’s been serving his or her country in a remote and dangerous place for over a year. Now imagine that it is a surprise.

That’s what happened to dad Greg Harris.

Greg Harris’ son Cory serves in the United States Marines. He has served in various locations around the world, and in the last 14 months, has been stationed in Japan. Cory’s work in the military and absence from home has been difficult not only for him, but for his parents, too. If you’re a parent you can surely imagine what that’s like.

After such a long time of not seeing each other, Cory really wanted to make his homecoming something really special. He decided not to tell his family exactly when he was coming back so that he could surprise them. He decided he would do this while they were dining at a restaurant. How about that? Just showing up at a diner after 14 months of absence!


The special moment was captured on camera. We see dad sitting down looking at the menu, getting ready to order. Out of nowhere, Cory shows up. Greg’s reaction is absolutely heartwarming. Watch it below — just try not to cry as much as we did.

Talk about a loving and affectionate moment between a father and son. Moments like this are really what life is about. 

No matter how many of these surprise reunions I watch, I just can’t get enough. The love between these two is one of a kind.

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