First surviving set of black sextuplets in the U.S. just graduated from high school together

A family of sextuplets from Alabama, famous for being the first set of surviving black sextuplets in the U.S., have graduated high school together.

As per reports, the Harris family, consisting of girls Kalynne and Kiera, and boys Kaleb, Kobe, Kieran and Kyle, graduated from Center Point High School in Birmingham, Alabama.

The six siblings were snapped in a celebratory photo that’s now going viral online, dressed in their graduation gowns and caps.

The sextuplets were conceived in July of 2002 when parents Chris and Diamond Harris turned to fertility drugs to assist them in getting pregnant.

They became the first ever surviving set of sextuplets in the U.S. and went onto achieve national fame when they appeared on The Oprah Show in 2007.

As per reports, Kobe and Kalynne will now be heading to Alabama State University, Kaleb and Kieran will go to Alabama A&M University, Kiera will attend Lawson State University, and Kyle is to begin studying life skills at Center Point High School.

Well done to the Harris family! We’re sure you’ve made your family extremely proud indeed.

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