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For 30 years, he believed this is his twin – then doctors reveal an unimaginable mistake

Some stories are so unlikely and strange that you might doubt whether they could really be true.

The story of these four young men is one such story—but incredibly, this one really happened.

It could have been a story that arouses anger and frustration, creates discord, and tears families apart.

But instead it’s about love, tolerance, and four boys who found their way back to each other—without even knowing the others existed.


Jorge and Carlos are twins, but they couldn’t be more different.

Jorge is a slender, young man who is always in a good mood. His brother, Carlos, has a larger frame and doesn’t talk much.

Both of them went to a good university in Bogota, Colombia and now work as engineers.

From the outside, the twins have lived the perfect life. They are young, have good jobs, and have their whole lives ahead of them.

But fate played a bizarre prank on the brothers without them ever knowing it.

One day at the office, one of Jorge’s colleagues stopped by his desk and showed him something that both confused and surprised him.


Earlier in the day, the colleague had taken a picture with her local butcher. She looked at Jorge and held up the phone to his face.

Curiously, the butcher and Jorge looked exactly the same.

“Check this out, Jorge. It’s your twin!” she said to Jorge and then showed him the picture, according to the New York Post.

Jorge laughed and told his colleague, “I actually have a twin, but it’s not him.”

But when Jorge took a closer look at the picture, he was puzzled. The man in the photo looked eerily similar to himself. And how often do you see your own face on a stranger?


Jorge also showed the picture to a friend.

“You look good,” the friend said.

Jorge just shook his head. “That’s not me!”

Jorge still couldn’t help but do a little research online, and he soon found Facebook page of the butcher. His doppelganger was named William.


When Jorge started browsing through William’s photos on Facebook, he lost his breath.

It was a shock to see someone who looked so similar to himself. But Jorge also discovered something else peculiar—William also had a twin brother—and he just looked like Jorge’s twin brother, Carlos!

Facebook / William Canas Velasco

Jorge showed the pictures to his brother, Carlos, and slowly but surely, they began to understand what must have happened.

The doctors must have somehow confused them at the maternity ward.

Their suspicions increased when Carlos and Jorge discovered that their two doubles were born in the same hospital on the same day.

For Jorge, who looks very similar to his mother and sister, it was clear that he was his parents’ biological son.

Carlos, the silent big brother, however, had long felt that he doesn’t fit into the family.

The confusion was a big blow for Carlos. He really admired his mom—who he now realized was probably not his biological mother.


The brothers felt that they had to contact the other twins.

Their doppelgangers, William and Wilber, were both butchers in the same nearby supermarket. They went immediately to meet them.

Upon meeting, the four couldn’t stop staring at each other. The resemblance was disconcerting and bewildering.


Actually, all four had the feeling that something hadn’t been quite right. But since no one ever considered the idea that they had been switched at hospital, the brothers lived their lives as usual.

The doctors were also stunned and didn’t understand how the confusion could have occurred.

In the end, the hospital concluded that one of the nurses must have accidentally mixed up the twins.

After the meeting, it became crystal clear to all four that they wanted to get to know each other better to make up for all the lost time.

The brothers bought an apartment together, where they now live together. Their families often visit and the guys now spend a lot of time together.

Facebook/Wilber Canas Velazco

This kind of unique story is something you normally only see in the movies.

That four people could find each other in a city as big as Bogota is nothing but a miracle.

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