Gay couple was sneered at for their relationship – 25 yrs later, their photo is melting the internet

Nick Cardello and Kurt English met at church in 1992. The meeting was the beginning of a extraordinary love story, one that continues to this day.

In the beginning, people told the couple that their relationship was “just a phase.” But now 25 years later, Nick and Kurt have proved their naysayers wrong. They recently posted side-by-side photos of themselves from 24 years ago and this year on Twitter – and the response has been incredibly positive.

Love has no limits!

Nick and Kurt have been been together since 1992 and they’ve gotten married twice – first in Massachusetts in 2008 when same-sex marriage became legal there and again in 2015 when it became legal in their home state of Florida.

The idea of recreating their 1993 photo was entirely Nick’s. He wanted to express his love for Kurt openly on social media and set an example for today’s youth.

“We need to get more images like this out there so the youth today can have positive role models,” Nick told My Daily News.

The reactions to the photo have been overwhelming and almost entirely positive. On Twitter, where Nick first published the image, the photos have received more than 800,000 thousand likes.

“We could never have imagined the incredible response to this that we’ve received,” Nick told My Daily News.

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