Gin & Tonic coffee is the only thing you need to stay warm this winter

Coffee is life. At least in my book, anyway.

I’m quite partial to Gin & Tonic, too. The drink – in moderate amounts, of course – is perfect to be enjoyed on a casual weekend with friends.

What do these two things have in common, you ask? Well, I might have pondered the same thing once upon a time. That was until I read an article in German magazine Elle, one that revealed how sisters Emile and Olivier Ward and their “Gin Foundry” have created a new superdrink: Gin & Tonic coffee!

As per Elle, in order to create this crazy concoction, all you need is:

  1. 35ml of gin
  2. 10ml of ready-made coffee (cold)
  3. Tonic water
  4. Lemon peel

The recipe

The recipe is really very simple, so even if you usually struggle with instructions (like I do) you should be able to follow.

First, fill a glass with some ice cubes. Then, pour over the gin and tonic as you usually would. Finally, add the cold coffee on top and sprinkle a little lemon peel thereafter!

It seems like it can actually be done a few different ways:

What do you think? Can’t hurt to try, right?

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