Girl is unhappy with airport security – watch now her cheeky way of putting everyone in their place

Airports — I think I speak for a lot of people when I say — they can be a real pain in the ‘you know what’ at times.

All the cueing, waiting and crowds of people can really get to you. I often find myself taking deep breaths and biting my tongue to make sure no one hears me complain out loud.

But that’s not what 2-year-old Mila did — this feisty little girl could not keep her thoughts to herself.

When she began to complain about the airport’s safety measures, her mother couldn’t help but to pull her camera out to film it, and boy are we happy about that.

“I’m done with you,”  two-year-old Mila is heard saying in the video. She completely rips the safety routines of the airport apart. But that’s just a fraction of what she has to say.

Although only two, she still felt a strong irritation when having to stand in the queue for the controls at the airport.

“First of all, the line, so long — ridiculous,” Mila says and goes onto talk about how she had to take her shoes off and have her nappy bottle taken away from her.

It’s just too darn cute not to watch — have a look below.

One should not underestimate the ability of how small children perceive things.

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