Grandchild orders pizza to see if grandma is still alive

Hurricane Matthew has forced thousands of residents in southeastern United States to leave their homes.

Some 30 people have died and drowned in floods in the aftermath of the relentless storm.

One of many suspected of being missing was 87-year-old Claire Olsen, of Palm Coast, Florida.

Her family, who live 275 miles from her in Nebraska, were understandably worried when they could not get hold of Claire.

For days, they could not reach the police or fire department to ask if they could go see that she was actually at home, in safety – during this chaotic time, it was difficult to get through on the phone at all.

Claire’s family were rerribly worried about her – until finally, Claire’s grandson, Eric, came up with a brilliant idea. He called a pizzeria near his grandma’s house and asked if the staff could deliver a pizza to her – and at the same time check to see if she was okay.

Claire’s grandson phoned the pizzeria and explained the situation – and the kind staff that picked up was immediately concerned Claire too, despite that they’d never met her or any member of the Olsen family. The order was transferred to pizza delivery guy, Tyler, with a note to dial out to Eric in Nebraska when he came to her door.

To everyone’s great relief, Tyler rang Claire’s bell and she opened the door… Surprised at getting pizza, of course. 

“It was your grandchild doing,” Tyler explained.

Claire was stunned that her family had come up with such a unique was to check up on her, and very touched.

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