Grandfather graduates with honors degree at 73 years old during pandemic – let’s hear it for him

Most of us are using this extra time we have while practicing social distancing in many different ways, some are exercising more, or enjoying the extra time we have with our families or maybe just indulging more.

But one man decided to use this time to finish his studies and his achievements are even more remarkable considering his age.

Luis Teddy Girón Panta completed his degree in Hotel Administration and Tourism at the National University of Frontera-Sullana (UNFS), in Peru at 73 years old.

He started his degree in 2014 after passing the entrance exam and now has completed his studies with honors.

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Posted by Universidad Nacional de Frontera on Saturday, July 25, 2020

He’s overcome many obstacles along the way, the most difficult was his mother passing the day he found out he had been accepted onto the study program.

Luis has also had to adapt to new technology and now the pandemic which slowed his studies down.

‘Trying and achieving it’

Unfortunately Luis couldn’t have the party he deserved for his achievements but his tutors did make a special visit to his home to award him his certificate and medal of honor.

“It is a matter of trying and achieving it,” he said as per Ok Chicas.

“I must thank the teachers who have guided me throughout all this time. Now what follows is to work.”

His family said Luis had always been interested in learning new things and never let his age put him off. They told Ok Chicas they will continue to support him in any future projects when it’s safe for Luis to be out in public again.

 National University of Frontera

Congratulations Luis!

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