Grandma paints house in a unique style – one look at the result and I have to pinch myself

Meet Anežka Kašpárková, a woman who has always had a burning passion for street art.

As she was approaching her 90th birthday, she proved to everyone that her passion was still alive and well by painting her own house in amazing shapes and colors.

Anežka is living proof that it’s never too late to fulfill your dreams.

According to pop culture site Konbini, Anežka had worked most of her life in the fields cultivating plants as a means to support her family.

She was born in the southern part of the Czech Republic and retired about 30 years ago.

But that’s when she realized she finally had time to dedicate herself to her biggest interest: painting.

She started taking classes and learned several techniques from an older painter in her country.

After a while, she grabbed onto her paintbrush — and began to share her art.

One of Anežka’s most famous works is in the small town of Louka, where only 70 people live.

She painted the village houses with her signature style of flowers. Her color of choice is a beautiful bright blue.

“I only do what I know and try to decorate the world a little bit,” she said in an interview with a Czech newspaper The Post Internazionale.

Unfortunately, we are unable to find any reports on how Anežka’s is doing today, but here is a video showcasing her amazing work.

According to Czech Aha Online, the chapel was finished during the summer of 2015 after Anežka’s spent 10 days painting it.

Absolutely beautiful! She truly is an inspiration to all of us and proof that age is just a number — one that never prevents you from fulfilling your dreams.

Let’s share this so that more people can get the chance to see this beautiful house.

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