Grandma tears paper from Christmas gift, see her reaction when she realizes what’s inside

It’s pretty much every child’s dream to receive a pet as a Christmas present. Horse, dog, cat or maybe a guinea pig – it doesn’t really make a difference, as long as it’s a pet. Parents often get to spend the whole year listening to their children begging and pleading.

We never really think about all the adults who have exactly the same wish list. Our inner child never really grows up. No matter how silly it seems, you can sometimes hold onto those  childhood hopes and dreams for a lifetime.

That was exacatly the case for this woman… and when her family found out, they felt they just had to do something about it.


This wonderful grandmother had wanted a little kitten her whole life.

It would be fun, it would be perfect company, but the years passed and she never got a kitten.

Then came that day when the family found out about her inner wish. Christmas was right around the corner – and this year it would be unforgettable.

Got the shock of her life

When Grandma received the huge package, she obviously had no idea what was hiding inside. Judging by the clip, it hardly seems she had expected a Christmas present at all!

Carefully, she took off the cover… and got the shock of her life. There was a little black cat inside!

When the initial shock had worn, and when the grandmother realized that the kitten actually was for her, she burst into tears of joy. It’s so wonderful to watch – and just proves that we never really outgrow our inner child!

See the heartwarming clip here:

How wonderful is her reaction – such pure joy!

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