He Carries His Friend To School Every Day For Three Years. The Reason Melts My Heart.

18-year-old Xie Xu and 19-year-old Zang Chi are both students at Daxu High School in the province Jiangsu, in the North of China.
But there’s something different with these students. Every day, for three years, Xie Xu has carried his friend Zang Chi back and forth to school, according to Daily Mail.

Picture: Shanhaiist.


Zhang Chi suffers from muscular dystrophy, a muscle disease who is characterized by progressive skeletal muscle weakness, defects in muscle proteins, and the death of muscle cells and tissue. He barely can walk and can’t carry his own weight.

They are both top students and met for the first time when they started in the same class. But if it wasn’t for Xie Xu, Zhang Chi would never have been able to continue his schooling.

The first day they met, Xie Xu, who measures 1.73 meters and weighs 75 kilos, decided to help his friend. So he has carried Zhang Chi from the dormitory to school and then back to the dormitory every day for three years, according to Daily Mail.

Picture: Shanhaiist.


Xie Xu is a truly amazing person. Apart from carrying his classmate every day, he helps him with other things such as cleaning and shopping groceries. And, of course, he carries in school as well when they are changing class.

Picture: Shanhaiist.


Xie Xu is now praised all over the world. His generosity has inspired other students in school.
– The story about the two students are so inspiring and moving. They are not related, but Xie have done it for three years. He’s the kindest student, vice principal at the school says to a local newspaper.

Picture: Shanhaiist.


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