He Is Late For His Daughter’s Show. But Just As Mom Looks At The Empty Chair Next To Her… What A Surprise!

10-year-old Lauren loves to dance. It’s soon time for her big school dance performance. A few days earlier, she is asked if there is something in particular that she has always wanted to do. She hesitates very little: “Spend more time with my dad.”

Lauren’s father, Michael is asked the same question. And his answer matches Lauren’s: He wants to spend more time with his daughter.

And that is what they do, in a most special way.

When the day of the show arrives, there are lots of nerves and tension. Lauren’s mother arrives and is seen sitting in the audience, impatiently awaiting Michael, who is nowhere to be found.

She calls him eight times, but he’s not reachable. She finally receives a text from him: “I’ll be there soon. Save me a seat.”

But he doesn’t appear and the show begins. Within a few seconds, the mother will be shocked with the most beautiful surprise. My eyes immediately watered – it’s impossible not to be touched.

The video, actually a commercial produced by Quaker Canada, is really worth the watch.

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