He’s just taking a patient to his room – but what the camera captures is spreading like wildfire

We live at a time when compassion and care for others is scarce. Well, at least if you believe what we’re told on the news. And while the world can be a dark place, there are still beacons of light all around us.

Like a hospital worker named Lindon Beckford. He has a heart of gold—and the voice of an angel.


For more than 30 years, Lindon has been lifting the spirits of patients at a hospital in Boston. His job consists mostly of transporting people from their rooms to the operating room and back.

Because the journey to the operating room can be one of the most daunting trips that a person can make, Lindon’s role is important. And he’s handled it gracefully for decades.


Lindon always wears a big smile. He knows how frightened and anxious patients can be as he wheels them to the operating room. And that’s why he always greets them with the words, “My name is Lindon and I will be your driver.”

In addition to the amazing warmth and love that he shows everyone, Lindon sings for them, too. In the clip below, which has been shared by half a million people—a reporter follows him around the hospital. And it really hit me right in the heart seeing patients smile as Lindon walks with them.

People like Lindon make the world a better place. I hope his story inspires us to treat each other with warmth and respect. It costs virtually nothing. And if you have a voice, you can sing, and your song can actually be like balm for the soul.

Please share Lindon’s story and let everyone know that the world is actually a much warmer place than we might think!

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