He weighed 675 pounds and couldn’t leave home — check out his transformation 600 days later

Ronnie Brower had been overweight his entire life.

He used food to cope with depression. But the more he ate, the worse he felt.

It was a viscious cycle and it got so bad that a typical meal would consist of a whole pizza, 20 cheeseburgers, and fries.

At his heaviest, Ronnie weighed more than 675 pounds (300 kg). He wasn’t strong enough to his house and his doctor told him he only had two years to live.

So Ronnie made a decision. He didn’t want to die in his bed—he wanted to live. And he promised himself he would completely turn his life around.

Two years later, Ronnie had changed more than just his body. Today, his life looks completely different, and it’s impossible not to be inspired by his unbelievable journey.

Ronnie credits two women with helping him lose weight. The first is the songer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

She provided the soundtrack for Ronnie’s daily 3-hour workouts and her music gave him the strength to keep fighting day after day.

At first, it was slow going. Ronnie had difficulty walking, and even the slightest movement was a challenge for his heavy body. But the more Ronnie exercised, the easier it became.

Slowly but surely, Ronnie lost weight—for the first time in his life.

Then one day, Ronnie met the other woman who was a major influence on his weight loss.

Andrea Masella was in the same situation as Ronnie. She had lost 120 pounds (50 kg) and was also determined to change her habits. She contacted Ronnie on Facebook and the two of them decide to meet up at the gym. They started supporting each other in reaching their goals, and it didn’t take long before they fell in love. Ronnie an Andrea became a couple.

Two years after Ronnie decided to change his life, he had dropped 425 lbs (207 kg) and met the love of his life.

But he still had one problem left. After losing so much weight, Ronnie was carrying 35 pounds (16 kg) of excess skin.

Ronnie underwent a 15-hour operation to remove his excess skin. The surgery left him with many scars, but Ronnie doesn’t care. He tells people he was bitten by a shark.

In fact, Ronnie is grateful for his scars. They’re a reminder of the hard work he’s put in to create his new body and lifestyle.

After surgery, Ronnie feels like a new man. In the video below, he surprises Andrea by wearing a suit—for the first time in his life.

But Ronnie would soon be in a suit again. He and Andrea tied the knot and got married in May 2017!

Ronnie’s story really moved. His journey is a real inspiration for others. Nothing is impossible if you fight for it!

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