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Her Son Bullied A Girl At School, So Mom Posts This On Her FB Wall.

Terry Day Evans was so furious when her 12-year-old son bullied one of his classmates recently that she posted a status update on Facebook saying she was “absolutely disgusted” with her son’s behavior.
She said her son had “[seen] fit to purposefully tread on a new girl’s foot at school and twist his foot with such force it broke her brand new shoes (causing the heel) to snap.”
Ms. Evans, who also tagged her son in the post, warned the boy: “If you so much as breathe in her or anyone’s direction in a bullying manner I will personally hand you over to their parents for every demeaning chore they see fit for as long as they do… kiss goodbye to your birthday money as you will be buying the girl a new pair of shoes and a bunch of flowers!” Ms. Evans never intended her letter to viral, but nonetheless, it was shared more than 58,000 times and received hundreds of comments before she removed it from her Facebook page.
The mom’s reaction has created a wide range of reactions, from “I understand that you wanted to embarrass your son a little for his actions, but … outing him on FB is a bully move. He clearly got his behaviour from you. Shame that you aren’t realising that;” to “Discipline IS NOT bullying. The boy needed to be taught a lesson, he won’t do it again, AND he may well have learnt that in the real world, not cloud cuckoo land, that his behaviour towards a female is totally unacceptable. I predict he will grow into a fine young man thanks to his Mum.” It’s certainly a complex question. What do you think?


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