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Her Son Shoplifted And Then Lied About It. Now This Mom’s Reaction Has Got Parents Talking.

In today’s world, the stakes for raising kids have never been higher. And it seems that children are exposed to dangerous situations earlier and earlier. Which is why I think it’s important for parents to teach their children about right and wrong while they’re still young. For example, isn’t it better for our kids to have a firm understanding that it’s not right to steal at seven rather than 17? So when this mom’s son stole some gum from a local Walmart, she took what might seem like drastic measures. Still, I’m not so sure she overdid it. And after you see her Facebook post and find out what she did, I think you’ll see that her son will definitely think twice before stealing in the future. Read her story below!

“So this is extremely embarrassing but you know what? I DON’T CARE! My son (5-years-old) stole a pack of bubble gum from Walmart yesterday. At first he lied about it & said he got it out of my car & I knew he wasn’t telling the truth because I don’t chew gum! He finally told the truth but you know what I did?

I called the police. Yes. You read that right. I called the police on my 5-year-old son.

Want to know why? Because I REFUSE to raise a child that gets away with telling lies & stealing!! Did I overreact? Maybe so. But my point is if that you grow up getting away with telling lies & stealing then it gets far worse as you get older.

Guess what happened to him today?? He had to go back to Walmart & ask for the manager & apologize for his actions. Do I feel like a ‘bad mom’? Absolutely not!”

Here is the mom’s original post which has been shared widely since appearing on Facebook:

What do you think? Did this mom go too far or teach her son the perfect lesson? Share with your friends and get the conversation going!

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