His Final Wish Seconds Before His Wife Died Made My Eyes Swell. This Is What I Call True, Endless Love.

Over an incredible 73 years of marriage, Joe and Helen Auer experience a world war, several kids, and several more grandchildren together. Sadly, at 94 years old, it became clear that Helen would not recover from an illness she was struck by. But before she died, husband Joe had a final wish for his beloved wife.

73 years of marriage. That’s long enough to go through a whole lot of ups and downs.

Helen and Joe Auer certainly had their share of them during the over 7 decades that they were together.

Such a handsome couple.


During World War II, Joe and Helen already had a toddler. But just as their second child was to be born, Joe was called to serve the country in the war.


The couple’s second child was born while Joe was still at war. Helen sent this photograph to her husband during that time– a photograph he carried close to his heart over the duration of the long three years he was gone.


When the war was over, Joe was finally reunited with his family.

In total, Joe and Helen had an incredible ten children, 16 grandchildren, and 29 great-grandchildren. What a blessing to be able to live long enough to experience so many generations grow before your eyes!


Sadly, Helen became ill and it gradually became clear that the time had come for her to leave this life… and her long-time, loving husband. But as the 94-year-old lay on her deathbed, Joe had one final wish for her.

He leaned forward and whispered softly: “Helen, call me home.”

And it would seem that Helen promptly listened to her husband. Just hours after her death, Joe would also pass away. Helen respected his final wish and took home her beloved husband.


I could not help but shed a tear when I read Joe and Helen’s story. It is both sad and incredible at the same time — and a real testament to the fact that true love lasts until our final breath.

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