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His Parents Abandoned Him Because Of How He Looks. Now He Moves Millions With His Ambition to Improve The World.

We live in an incredibly vain world, and many times it can be really cruel to him or her that doesn’t look like everybody else. And I think we can all agree that this is wrong, however, it still happens every single day, one way or another. Jono Lancaster knows this better than anyone else.

Jono is suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome, a syndrome characterized by craniofacial deformities. He was just a few hours old when his parents abandoned him because of how he looked.


During his childhood years he was bullied most of the time, but Jono refused to give up.

Today, he is 30 years old. He is focused on being positive and to use his experience to make good things.


He travels around the world to inform people about what its like to live with Treacher Collins syndrome. He meet up with kids who is also suffering from the syndrome, and he talks with their parents and their family.


In this video, you can watch and listen to Jono’s story. I promise, you won’t feel untouched by this. Even though his story starts off really tragic, it’s so elevating to see his strength and courage.

By sharing this we can help others that are hurting around the world and hopefully help them gain self-confidence. This is also a great chance to inspire other persons to follow in Jono’s steps.

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