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His twin can’t speak – but watch when he surprises him with a message at his wedding

Korey and Kyle Soderman are identical twins who live in West Palm Beach, Florida.

While Kyle was born healthy, his twin brother, Korey, was born with cerebral palsy.

As a result of his disability, Korey can’t talk and needs a special chair to get around.

But Korey’s parents, Wendy and Kris, have never let Korey’s condition stop him from living his life to the fullest.

As you know, twins often have a strong bond and share a special understanding of each other—and Kyle and Korey are no exception. They aren’t just brothers—they’re also inseparable, best friends.

When they were growing up, the brothers did everything together. Kyle would even strap Korey around his body and carry him around so his twin wouldn’t miss out on anything.

And that’s why Kyle’s motto has always been: “He ain’t heavy.” He has it tattooed on his arm, together with a heart.

So when it came time for Kyle to get married, Korey planned a special surprise. Even though he can’t talk, he prepared a special best man’s speech and asked his twin brother to read it in front all of the wedding guests.

Kyle was seeing Korey’s message for the first as he read the words. And while there wasn’t a dry eye in the room, no one fought back the tears harder than Kyle himself.

Watch the magical, emotional moment below:

Isn’t it beautiful to see the love that exists between these twins?

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