Homeless father has not seen his son in 19 years – then his son enters from the door behind him

Sometimes, the simplest of gestures lead to great things.

The organization Miracle Messages helps the homeless reunite with their loved ones, through the help of social media.

What happens when you give the homeless the opportunity to meet with their lost friends and family members? A whole lot, apparently.

Peter Thornley has lived on the streets for 19 years and eventually lost all contact with his children. It was virtually impossible for him to track them, and he thought he’d never seen them again.

But then he met Kevin Adler, one of the founders of Miracle Messages. Kevin put Peter in contact with some of the organization’s volunteers, who helped to track down the father’s children.

They managed to find his son, and soon set up a meeting for the two to meet. The emotion on their faces when they at last reunite, 19 years later, is just heartwarming.

Learn more about Miracle Messages and watch Peter’s moving reunion with his son, below.

According to the organization, 40% of those reunited are now off the streets. That’s a great number if you ask me!

I think what this organization does is just amazing. That they help get homeless people off the street in this way is one of the best initatives I’ve ever heard of. Please share this nice video with your friends on Facebook to spread a little hope and warmth today!

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