Homeless man finds $10,000 but returns to owner – 1 year later he’s on board of directors

If there’s one thing I believe in full-heartedly, it’s karma.

IN many ways, I remember karma whenever I do something good — and well, less good. It pushes me to make the right decisions and to avoid the bad ones.

When a homeless man by the name of Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check on a Connecticut street in November 2017, I am not exactly sure whether he was thinking about karma or not.

What’s certain, however, is that karma sure paid off for Elmer.

Despite his desperate situation, Elmer did what some much more fortunate than him may not have — he tracked down the owner and returned the lost check.

“I was just thinking about how that person was feeling, by losing that amount of money, I would be feeling kind of desperate,” he told WTNH News8.

The owner happened to be a successful local real estate agent, Roberta Hoskie.

Needless to say, Roberta was moved by the homeless man’s honest and unselfish gesture. Roberta happened to be homeless too in her past but had gone on to become a successful business woman, opening her own realtor firm.

“He had no idea who the person was behind the check, he didn’t know that I was a single mother, I was on welfare, at one point found myself homeless,” Roberta told WTNH News8.

Roberta immediately rewarded Elmer’s integrity by writing him a check of his own — but she knew she wanted to go further.

She offered Elmer full scholarship in her real estate training, providing him all the courses and language classes he needed to become a successful real estate agent himself.

She offered him the hope of a future. Elmer, was naturally touched beyond words and took the opportunity very seriously.

One year later, and Elmer is back in the spotlight with an incredible update…

Watch the update in the video below.

What an incredible story of karma. Compassion is contagious — share if you agree.