Homeless man gets his first shave in ages, and is hardly recognizable afterwards – wow!

Appearance is not everything, but the truth is that it can strongly influence one’s self-esteem. This is especially true for anyone already going through a rough time – such as when you’re homeless. 

When Male Essentials, a hair salon in British Columbia, Canada, opened its doors, it took a New Year’s resolution – the salon would try to make a difference for the city’s homeless.

“If you really want to help the homeless, do not try to change them so that they fit into your world. Give them instead the confidence and ability to get out of their situation,” is the salon’s message.

Luke is one of those who were invited to benefit from the salon’s inititative. Luke hadn’t been able to afford a haircut or shave for years. On weekdays, he grabs his sleeping bag and roams the hard streets, seeking money for food. Naturally, Luke is therefore not in the ‘neatest’ shape. With his bushy beard and long hair, he’s better known as “Jesus” on the street and among acquaintances.

Luke mostly sleeps in a building that is now about to be demolished, so he is also very worried about his future. Therefore Male Essentials wanted to help give him a new start and potential job with a bran new haircut and shave. 

The end result? You will barely recognize him. Now, we keep our fingers crossed for Luke’s situation to improve!

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