Hospital worker makes U.S. lottery history – rushes to the boss and says this

Have you ever imagined winning the lottery? I bet you and every other person on this planet have imagined what it would be like at some point.

The first thing that runs through my mind when I have that thought is: what I would do with all the money I’d win?

Well, that dream became reality for one person. Yesterday, August 24, single widow Mavis Wanczyk from Massachusetts became the lucky winner to the largest single-ticket prize in U.S. lottery history.

The 53-year-old lady took home an impressive $758.7 from the famous Powerball jackpot.

“My pipe dream came true,” Mavis said at a news conference.

The only thing Mavis wants to do right now is take it easy.

She’s looking forward to an early retirement after spending 32 years at the Mercy Medical Center. She was expecting to work another 12 years, but as soon as knew she knew she was a millionaire, she didn’t hesitate to resign.

I think it’s safe to say that with over 700 million you can quit your day job!

But being a millionaire comes with its expenses and costs! Time reports that after paying all the taxes, Mavis will be left with half of the amount she won. Something tells me she’ll survive!

What would you have done if you won all that money?

Check out this news report about her big win:

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