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Husband And Wife Die Hand In Hand After 58 Years Of Happy Marriage.

Sometimes truth is more poetic than fiction, and this is definitely the case in this couple’s love story.

George and Ora Lee Rodriguez met in San Antonio many years ago while George was serving in the Marine Corps, and the meeting marked the beginning of a lifelong love affair that ended as closely as they lived their lives together.



After George finished his military service, he quickly married Ora Lee, the love of life, and the couple embarked on a loving marriage that would last nearly six decades.

Toward the end of their lives, both developed dementia. And a few months ago, George had a stroke, reports KTLA.

“We had them here at the house, in their hospital beds, right beside each other,” said daughter Corina Martinez.

On June 1, George and Ora Lee Rodriguez celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary. Less than a week later, George died in his sleep. Remarkably, Ora Lee passed away just three hours later. And they died just as they lived—holding hands.

“I just can’t believe something like this would ever happen. You hear this on the movies … like ‘The Notebook,’” daughter Corina Martinez told San Antonio TV station KABB.

Watch a local news clip about the loving couple here:

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