Husband Shows Love For His Wheelchair-Bound Wife On Their Anniversary.

Laura Gilbertson suffers from multiple sclerosis, a horrible disease that affects the central nervous system. Her husband, Carl, is always by her side—and when it came time for the couple to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary recently, Carl decided to give his beloved wife a memory she’d never forget.

On the couple’s 10th anniversary, Carl wanted to show Laura how much he loves her, so he enlisted some students from Liverpool Media Academy to help.

On the day of their anniversary, Carl and an unwitting Laura went to a square in Liverpool. Suddenly, a stranger approached and gave Laura a rose. Then seconds later, Carl pointed toward the steps in front of them, where the students performed Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.”

The clip really speaks for itself. It’s both heartwarming and beautiful. What a wonderful display of genuine love!

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