ICU nurse diagnosed with rare form of cancer weeks after dream wedding dies in her sleep surrounded by her family

Happiness and health are truly precious things. Anyone who’s ever lost a loved one can tell you of the pain; can tell you to appreciate the small things because life can change on a dime.

The family of brave Julia Cullen know this only to well. The 27-year-old intensive care nurse was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer just weeks after her wedding day.

Julia drew praise online for her determination to beat the disease and her courage in facing the odds. In a new and heartbreaking post, however, her husband has confirmed that she passed away at home surrounded by family.

As per the Daily Mail, Julia married fiance Peter in October of 2018. However, just a few short weeks late she fell ill, and would eventually be diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukaemia.

The 27-year-old fought valiantly against the cancer, undergoing treatment to combat it. It returned in February, though, more aggressive than before, and took Julia’s life last week.

Her heartbroken husband, Peter, wrote on Facebook:

“I need to let everybody who knew my beautiful wife Julia Cullen know that tonight she unfortunately passed away after a long battle with leukaemia.

“She went peacefully in her sleep surrounded by her family. Thank you for all for your support during this difficult past year.

“Goodnight darling be at peace I will never forget you.”

Julia, from Hartlepool, UK, drew praise online for shedding light on the stark realities of cancer. Diagnosed aged 26, she fought a brave fight right until the very end.

Before her death, she told followers: “‘If there’s anything I want to do after going through this experience of cancer, it’s to raise awareness that it’s happening.

“It’s happening to the young and old, the fit and unfit, the employed and the unemployed.

“It’s happening now and it could happen to you. Yes. You.

“It isn’t glamorous, it isn’t a story – it’s hard, it’s painful, it’s gruelling, it’s terrifying.”

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What a truly brave woman! My heart bleeds to think of all the amazing people around the world taken by cancer each and every day.

Our fight against this terrible disease will never be over, not truly, until we see the day where we can say it’s gone for good.

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