In 1980, She Gave Her Baby Up For Adoption. 36 Years Later, Her Sister Reveals THIS…

In 1980, Wendy was 19-years-old and pregnant. She didn’t plan for it and was forced to make the most heartbreaking decision of her life—whether to give up her little girl for adoption. Fortunately, her daughter, who was named Heather, was adopted by a beautiful, loving family. She grew up in a safe environment and married a man named Eric. Together they had a daughter, Sophie. As for Wendy, she went on with her life, even if the decision to give away her daughter had torn her apart inside. She eventually had two more children, but she could never stop thinking about the baby girl she once gave up for adoption. Wendy always hoped that one day she’d meet her daughter again. By chance, Heather and Wendy lived very close to each other, but their paths never crossed. At least that’s what everyone thought… Then, when Wendy’s sister got a job in the same department of the social services that had helped her sister put Heather up for adoption so many years ago, everything changed. And it was at that point that Wendy started looking for more information about her long lost daughter…


When Wendy was told she was pregnant in 1980, she was both shocked and confused. She was only 19 years old and feared that she wouldn’t be able to give her daughter all the care and support that a child deserves.

Wendy was finally forced to take the heartbreaking step of putting the child up for adoption. It was of course not an easy decision, but she did it in the best interest of her daughter.


The baby girl, who was later named Heather, was taken in by a loving and caring family. She grew up, got married, and even had children of her own.


Wendy went on with her life and had more children and grandchildren. But something constantly gnawed at her from within. She never stopped thinking about Heather and her own decision to give away her firstborn daughter. Deep down, she hoped that she’d be reunited with her one day.

The chances of meeting her daughter looked slim and Wendy had difficulty finding any information about her. But then, fate stepped in. When Wendy’s sister Kristi got a job at the same social services department that had helped Wendy with the adoption, conditions changed. Kristi found a lead.

With this new information, Wendy and her sister began searching for Heather, and it didn’t take long for the two to find Wendy’s daughter in the archives.


Wendy and Heather decided to meet on Heather’s 36th birthday. And it wasn’t long before they both made a perhaps even more shocking discovery.

For more than a decade, they worked together at the same store! At the time, both noted that they were very similar, but they never imagined that they were mother and daughter.

The reunion on Heather’s 36th birthday was a success, and the two welcomed each other with their lives. So nice to see!

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