In 1997, They Became The World’s First Septuplets. 18 Years Later, Millions Are Fascinated By This Family’s Incredible Destiny.

When Kenny and Bobbie McCaughey learned they’d be parents in 1997 after undergoing fertility treatment, they were overjoyed. But this birth would be much larger than they could’ve possibly imagined. Their family would go down in history—because Bobbi was having septuplets. After the shock subsided somewhat, the parents were faced with a tough decision. They had to decide whether to have all seven children despite the great risks presented to both mother and children or choose selective reduction and have both few babies, as well as fewer risks. Because the parents wanted to give all their children a chance, they decided that Bobbie would bear all seven children. And miraculously, all of the babies survived the difficult delivery, making them the world’s first surviving set of septuplets!

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Kenny, Bobbie and the septuplets became an international phenomenon, and newspapers and news channels around the world reported on the miraculous birth.

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Now, the miracle septuplets are all grown up. Have a look at them below, celebrating their 16th birthday, with their parents (center):

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NBC News has followed the family over the years and the Today Show did a story on them just before the children’s 18th birthday. It is really wonderful to see how the kids have grown up together.

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It’s hard to imagine how their upbringing must have been and how much their parents must have despaired.

But I imagine that time flew by for the McCaughey family. How wonderful it must be to be a part of such a large family—to always have a sibling to play with or to talk to. The bond between these septuplets is really unique, and it’s fascinating to follow their upbringing.

In May, Iowa’s world famous septuplets became high school graduates. Six are going to college and the 7th is joining the military.

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Watch them interact at home at dinnertime in the video below:

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