It Looks Like A Tiny Camper. But When She Opens The Back It Transforms Into Something Perfect For Traveling.

Sure, anyone can see that this, to say the least, special mini camper is adorable. But how functional is it? I never thought that there was this much space in this little wagon. In the video below, the owner takes us on a tour and I just dream myself away. The bed looks cozy and comfortable, there are many clever shelves and when she opens the back I fall in love. Gidget is the name of this model. It is designed to have everything a traveler might need for a weekend or a longer trip. Ok, there’s no modern toilet or shower, but apart from that Gidget is self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. Among other things, there is a stove with a fully equipped kitchen. And, there is a skylight window in case you wanna sleep under the stars – inside. These cute little wagons are manufactured and for sale exclusively in Australia. Lucky you! I want one!

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