Just 24 Hours After Her Son Visited A New Doctor, Everything Changed.

Having children is one of life’s biggest joys, and parents want nothing more for their young children than to have a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, this was not the case for mother Jennifer Cornell when her little boy, Joseph, was born. Even when he was a baby, Joseph suffered from severe eczema. And even though he met several doctors, used different types of ointments, and tried various treatments, the little boy was plagued by the skin condition. Mom Jennifer became increasingly desperate. Would her little boy never get to live a life without the painful rash? Finally, she photographed her son’s hands and contacted a recognized expert in the field. And just like that, everything changed… Warning: Some people may find some of these images difficult to look at.

Jennifer Cornell was just like any other parent—proud and overjoyed when her son, Joseph, was born. She looked forward to seeing her little boy grow up and have a safe, fun, and above all, healthy upbringing.

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Unfortunately, Joseph’s life was nothing like she imagined. Her son suffered from severe eczema that spread all over his little body.

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As time went on, Joseph became increasingly depressed by having to endure the painful condition. When Joseph started school, his classmates teased him and said he looked like a “burn victim.”

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Jennifer became increasingly frustrated and distressed to see her little boy suffer. It pained her to see that doctors couldn’t help even though the boy woke up in bloody sheets every morning because he scratched himself so much during the night.

So in a last ditch effort, Jennifer photographed her son’s hands and contacted a specialist in the area.

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Jennifer contacted Dr. Richard Aron, an allergy expert, and explained her son’s situation. Dr. Aaron said that with his help, something would happen that Jennifer had never dared could happen: the boy would get well.

Just 24 hours after Dr. Aaron started treating Joseph’s eczema, the rash started to disappear from the little boy’s skin. The change was total: not only was his skin much healthier, he became happy and regained the appetite he lost when he was depressed and dejected because of his eczema.

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Thanks to the treatment by Dr. Aaron, Joseph’s nightmare was finally over.

“It’s hard to look back at these pics, but they just show how much of a miracle worker Dr Aron is,” Jennifer wrote in a post on Facebook.

Today, Joseph and his family are finally enjoying the joyful, confident, and above all, healthy life they always dreamed of.

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The UK’s Nation Health Service states that “Eczema is a condition that causes the skin to become itchy, red, dry and cracked. It is a long-term (chronic) condition in most people, although it can improve over time, especially in children.”

When to contact a health care provider:

* If prescription cortisone cream or cortisone ointment doesn’t help eczema within a week

* If wounds exude from the eczema and the eczema has become infected.

* If eczema has spread to other parts of the body

* If eczema is near the eyes

* If eczema is on the legs


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