Katy Perry reduced to tears after heartbreaking American Idol audition by school shooting survivor

A recent audition on American Idol was enough to move people to tears, not least celebrity judge Katy Perry, who was left visibly distraught.

According to reports, Katy was part of the jury panel including fellow music icons Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan at the weekend, Sunday, February 26.

When a 21-year-old hopeful stepped out onto the stage, none of them quite realized just how moved they were about to be. Indeed, no one could have predicted the raw emotion that would run rampant around the arena …


As per reports, the man auditioning was Trey Louis, a mattress salesman there to perform Stone, by Whiskey Myers.

Yet it wasn’t his voice that brought tears to the eyes so much as his reason for taking to the stage in the first place. Trey began by explaining that he was from Santa Fe, Texas, before revealing that he was a student at Santa Fe High School in May 2018.

Perhaps readers will remember the atrocity that took place there when a gunman opened fire, killing eight people, including eight students and two teachers.

“I was in art room one, and he shot up art room two before he made his way to art room one,” Trey told the audience and judges.

“I lost a lot of friends. Eight students were killed, two teachers were killed, and it’s just really been negative. Santa Fe’s had a bad rep here since 2018.”

Country music star Luke Bryan tried to comfort Trey by saying: “You just got the perfect voice. You sang from the right spot. You just let it come out of your heart, and that’s what we love around here.”

For Katy Perry, meanwhile, the circumstances of the audition were too much.

The California Gurls singer put her head in her hands and cried before delivering a heartfelt speech.

“Our country has f***ing failed us,” she screamed.

“This is not okay. You should be singing here because you love music. Not because you had to go through that f***ing bulls***. You don’t have to lose eight friends.

“I hope that you remind people we have to change. Because, you know what, I’m scared too.”

After Trey’s brilliant audition the 21-year-old was given a firm “Yes” by all three judges, ensuring his passage through to the next round.

Watch Trey’s audition below:


I personally think Trey’s courage to get up on that stage, perform and speak as candidly as he did is commendable.

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