Laura, 93, Is On Her Deathbed. Then Her Husband Begins To Sing Their Song. This Is Just Too Beautiful.

They grew into adulthood, had children, and grew old together. Together. And when Laura, 93, lay on her deathbed at age 93, her husband Howard, 92, was at her side, as he had been for the previous 73 years. I’m crying even before he begins to sing “their song” for her. This made me speechless and truly emotional. This is love in its purest form.

Laura sang “You’ll never know this” by Engelbert Humperdinck before her husband, Howard, went out to fight in World War II. Then her voice have sounded just like Rosemary Clooney in the version she does with Harry James (listen via the link further down).

Howard survived the war and the couple were happily married for 73 years. The track became their love song for each other, and they sang it often together.

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When Laura recently lay on her deathbed, at 93, and preparing to say goodbye, her husband forced himself out of his wheelchair, put on their song, and start singing.

“You’ll never know just how much I miss you
You’ll never know just how much I care….”

He caresses her face lovingly and kept telling her that he is right there at her side.

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“I love you,” they say to each other.

The incident was captured by their grandchild Erin who you can hear crying in the background.

”This video evokes so many emotions in me and apparently for many others too. In just minutes, it managed to capture an entire lifetime, two people’s entire lives. They have lived together for 73 years, grew up and aged, they grasped memories that only the two experienced,” em> says Joy a family friend.

As Howard sings the song Laura with her final strength says to the grandchild:

“He likes me”.

If anything is really true love, this is it! I began crying almost immediately.

Here is the original song that the couple used to sing together.

Source: Facebook/Erin Solari