Lene’s Baby Picture Is Spreading Worldwide. Can You See What Makes It So Special?

Norwegian fitness-star Lene Hansen, 33, from Tromso is ultimately just like any mother of four anywhere. But recently she gained worldwide attention following a very special picture. The first thing I saw was just an ordinary baby picture, but when you look closer, you understand what makes it so special.

33-year-old Lene Hansen, a renowned fitness practitioner from Tromsø in Norway, will forever have a special memory of her fourth pregnancy. A picture of the Norwegian before and after giving birth is now going viral on social media.

“I am very fascinated by the female body, and this picture shows how great it is to carry and give birth to a child,” Lene told a local Norwegian TV channel.

Lene’s photos were taken twice, once before giving birth and then four weeks after her delivery. It was hobby photographer Hjalmar S. Westgård who contacted Hansen and suggested they take the pictures, after seeing a similar photo project from another photographer.

“I used a ruler to get the right distance. It took a lot of work to get it just right. I have taken similar photos before, but the aim is always perfection,” Lena told a local newspaper.

Lene says she is very touched by all the positive comments she received.

“The end result was an image that has touched many. I have never taken such a meaningful picture before. I am fascinated by the female body, and this picture shows how great it is to bear a child,” she said.

I just love this. I think Lena is absolutely right to celebrate the female form, and she did it in a simply stunning way. For me, this is a beautiful tribute to all mothers. So pass it on to every mom you know!

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