Little boy accidentally kills pet goldfish after cuddling it in his bed

It was an evening like any other, a few weeks ago, when mom Tori and dad Corey Hamlin, of Georgia, USA put their son Everett to bed.

The little guy, just four-years-old, quickly fell asleep, and his parents soon left the room and went to watch TV.

Mom and dad were aiming to round off the evening with a little alone time, like so many other parents tend to do around the world. They watched a bit of TV in their own company, when suddenly, as per Fox5, a sound coming from their son’s room alerted them.

Facebook/Tori Hamlin

They called to their son to see what was wrong. He replied that it was simply his draw making a noise, and so Tori and Corey settled back down and continued what they were doing.

Lori told Fox5 it was about ten to fifteen minutes later that she went to check in on her son.

It was then that she made an odd discovery.

Office chair

We all know that young children need guidance. Sure, they’re innocent beings, but sometimes they don’t know any better if they don’t have someone to tell them how to act in different situations.

Mom Tori explained that she first noticed how her son had moved a chair up against the desk in his room. Above it there was a goldfish tank, though when Tori looked in she couldn’t see the goldfish


Then she looked closer at her son in his bed, and realized what had happened. The little boy had taken his goldfish out of its tank so he could hug it while he slept. Lori and Corey woke him up and tried to explain to him – in gentle terms – that he had accidentally killed his fish.

Everett was sad for what he had done. He had wanted to pet his fish because he loved it so much, not thinking he would kill it by removing it from water.

Facebook/Tori Hamlin

Of course, his parents have now taught him that lesson, and bought him a new fish which he takes care of … and leaves in the tank.

Children are innocent young souls! This is the sweetest and saddest story ever…..God bless him and his fish?❤️

Of course, it’s an unfortunate turn of events for the goldfish, but hopefully this a lesson Everett will only have to learn once!

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