Lunch lady gets tapped on the shoulder – turns around and sees teenager’s secret

This is the story of a teenager at a high school in Reno, Nevada, USA, who told one lunch lady exactly what he thought of her.

In response, the woman could barely hold it together – she began to cry.

The student refused to hold anything back, delivering his words with a brutal honesty that surprised the lunch lady. She herself, as you’ll see, was overwhelmed.

“Lunch Lady Lynn,” as she’s known at the school, had previously agreed to help some students with a food project. Little did she know that there was an ulterior motive to them seeking her aid.


A group of wonderful students at the Bishop Manogue School wanted to show their gratitude and love for a woman who every day – year after year – does her best to make the best food possible for the school’s cafeteria. Thanks to the project Dude Be Nice, students were able to prepare a special surprise for this extremely hardworking woman. Not only is she their lunch lady; she’s also their friend.


The students had plastered the walls with posters reading “Dude Be Nice”. Lynn, of course, had no idea that they had prepared a party just to celebrate her.

Usually it’s her who is taking care of the students, both making sure they get good food to keep them going and talking to them if they need support in any way. This time, however, it was her turn to be in the spotlight.

They’d arranged for her to have her favourite dinner – Memphis BBQ – and collectively the students had chipped in money for a special something extra, as revealed in the video below:

It makes me so happy to see hardworking people rewarded. This woman has undoubtedly done a stand-out job and the fact that she’s being celebrated by the kids at the school themselves speaks volumes for the sort of person she is. 

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