Marathon runner finds abandoned puppy halfway through race. Carries him for 19 miles

Since I’ve never ran a marathon myself, I find it difficult to imagine what thoughts must go through one’s mind in the midst of a 26-mile slog.

The mental battle has to be extremely tough, whilst the sheer exhaustion simply must have people wondering what on earth they’ve embarked on.

In any case, it’s safe to say Khemjira Klongsanun’s experience in the Chombueng marathon is unlike any other …

YouTube / Newsflare

In the middle of the race, taking place in western Thailand, Khemjira noticed a small, trembling puppy just off the track. Other runners were doing their best to avoid the Thai wolf dog, but Khemjira knew in her heart she couldn’t simply leave him behind.

Instead, she tentatively approached the puppy, kneeled in front of him and tried to pick him up. Abandoning all thoughts of her position in the race, Khemjira put the terrified animal first, something that none of her fellow competitors were prepared to do.

YouTube / Newsflare

Khemjira knew the animal wouldn’t survive in the scorching heat alone, but was resolute in her determination to not leave him behind. Unsure of what exactly she could do to help, Khemjira ended up pressing on with her race … with the pup clutched in her arms.

After 19 gruelling miles, Khemjira crossed the finish line still cradling the dog, proceeding to take him home in a bid to locate his owner.

This amazing story doesn’t end there, though. Khemjira adopted the puppy and named him Chombueng, after the race she was running in when she found him.

Watch the video below for more: 

What a fantastic story of hope against the odds. We’re so thankful people like Khemjira exist in the world!

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