Middle school teacher killed in hit-and-run on bike leaves 10 children behind – rest in peace

The Kansas City teacher who died after being hit by a vehicle while out riding his bike on Saturday morning leaves behind 10 children, according to tragic reports.

43-year-old Charles Criniere was traveling along View High Drive in Kansas City, Missouri when he was hit by a white Acura MDX. The driver of the vehicle then sped off, fleeing the scene in an unknown direction.

A GoFundMe page for Criniere, a teacher at Martin City Middle School, was established at the weekend and has so far raised in excess of $155,000 to help his family moving forward.

“Charles died suddenly on August 27, 2022, when he was hit by a car while on a bicycle, leaving behind his wife and 10 children, 9 of whom are still at home,” the fundraiser reads.

“Please show your love and support for the Criniere family by donating to help them through this difficult time.

“Charles passionately followed Jesus. His love for Jesus was infectious. He was a devoted husband and father who deeply loved his family. All who knew him loved him. He was a public school teacher and the sole provider for his family.

One of Criniere’s neighbor’s said that the large family were living off of his teacher’s salary alone, adding that Charles was known for his huge and giving heart.

“They were living off a teacher’s salary, 10 kids and they always gave, and I would look at him and be like, ‘How? How are they giving so much?’” the neighbor said.

“Their heart is to give to people. So, that fact that we can give back to them is the least we can do for this family.”

Charles’s friend Ken DeBenedictis, meanwhile, told Newsweek:

“He was just a man that just burst with energy. He had 10 kids, but still found all the time in the world to just give his life to helping kids, and just making his home open, our whole neighborhood’s been just rocked because they not only lost a neighbor and a friend, but they lost the neighborhood pastor. He dedicated his life to the ministry, but he found really a home in the public school system as a teacher…. just an amazing man.”

In a post to Twitter on Monday, officials revealed they are still looking for the white 2017 to 2020 Acura MDX car that was responsible for Criniere’s death.

“We want that [person] to know that it’s okay to come in,” DeBenedictis said.

“The family feels the same way. They’re not holding any bitterness or they’re not angry… they know that the man is, or whoever it is, is just as afraid as anybody else to come forward.”

Rest in peace, Charles. Losing a loved one is tough for any family to accept. We can only imagine how tough it is for the Criniere family!

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